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What’s new?

Do you wish that SMART Recovery San Diego had more social events and activities? Join us on Zoom this Thursday, June 23rd at 7pm to connect with others who share this goal and discuss activities, both in-person and online. We’ll talk about opportunities to host gatherings and how to support each other in doing so. We’ll also be planning an in-person SOCIAL EVENT social event for July. Contact Kristi for details.

Picnics and baseball games – summer must be here! More than 40 people came to Mission Bay to enjoy some food, lawn games, and one another’s company at the barbecue organized by Alley and Megan. Such a great turnout! Looking ahead, we’ve got a trip to a Padres game coming up on July 30th. Tickets are $40, contact Shelly for details. And it’s time to organize the SMART San Diego’s annual picnic, set for August 13th. If you would like to help plan this important yearly event, email Megan.

Volunteer Recognition

Each month at the Community Development Meeting, we say a special thanks to volunteers who’ve stepped up for SMART San Diego. 

This month we want to recognize Julian Bryant for his contributions to SMART San Diego. Julian sees the value in connection and community building and has put his talents and energy into strengthening our community. In addition to keeping us all Zooming along, Julian took time off from his regular job to put countless hours into building a website that not only works better for all of us, but better represents us to the wider world. The compensation he received seems like a pittance for what we got out of the deal. Already we have received inquiries about facilitating and outreach opportunities. I hope our gratitude and the proof that the new website is working to connect and engage others to the SMART community goes some way toward the debt he is owed.

We want to thank Alley Morley for her new energy and jumping into helping out with both feet! She has been facilitating the Friday 2pm meeting for two months and has already hosted a social event! The SMART BBQ on Saturday June 4th was a big success and hosted more than 40 participants. The sign-up tool she introduced to the group was hugely helpful and it was a breeze working with her to make the event happen. We really appreciate her enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in to make the SMART Recovery San Diego community welcoming and fun!

Recommended Reading

Are you interested in discussing books and articles related to ideas that come up in SMART Recovery meetings? Jeffrey H. is starting a reading group and invites you to join. He’s chosen Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl to read first. “It is a magnificent book about one of our keys to living the best possible life, Hope! The idea of universal suffering and how we approach this suffering is key to our recovery.” If you are interested in participating or helping to organize this group, contact Jeffrey.

Members of the San Diego SMART community are also invited to join a Bay Area book discussion group. They’ll be reading and discussing James and Janice Prochaska’s Changing to Thrive: Using Stages of Change to Overcome the Top Threats to Your Health and Happiness over the course of several weeks. The group will meet Thursdays at 6:30pm starting July 7th. Contact Sam if you are interested.

Upcoming Events

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Get Involved

Call for Volunteers!
We need volunteers who want to become more involved in the SMART Recovery San Diego community. If you can give a few hours a month to help with social activities, fundraising, or community outreach, we can use your help! Contact to find out more.

Have You Ever Thought of Facilitating a Meeting?
We are looking for volunteers to start new meetings or serve as substitutes, particularly in-person meetings. New meetings allow us to reach a broader community who might benefit from SMART. Our training program will pair you with a mentor to offer guidance and support while you prepare to facilitate a meeting of your own. Contact the facilitator training committee.

Come to the Community Development Meeting
If you’ve been thinking of becoming more involved, this is a great way to learn about what we’re working on and where help is most needed. All are welcome to attend this meeting on the second Saturday of every month from 9:30-11:30 on Zoom. The first hour focuses on administration and long term planning, the second hour is dedicated to meeting management. You are free to only attend part of the meeting. If you have questions about the agenda of the upcoming meeting, contact Megan.

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