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There’s lots going on in the SMART San Diego community this November. In addition to offering over 40 meetings a week in-person and online, our volunteers have created a lively social calendar. There are special events, like a recent tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and several recurring activities have been added in the last year including Game Night (first Saturdays), Puppypalooza at Fiesta Island Dog Park (second and fourth Saturdays), and Crafternoons (third Saturdays). Our softball team has finished up its inaugural season and are planning on a new season starting in December in a co-ed beginner league. If you’d like to play for the Smarties, contact Mary.

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Holiday Plans

2022 is drawing to a close already. The holiday season can be joyous, but it can also be challenging for those in recovery. To help you and others manage those challenges, we have a variety of online and in-person meetings scheduled Thursday and will have a Thanksgiving Open House with games, movies and conversation from 10am-4pm at the SMART community center in Kearny Mesa.  If you’d like to help with similar events for Christmas and New Year’s, contact Megan. There are some meeting changes on Thursday. Consult the calendar for details.

To celebrate the end of the year, we are having a bonfire at Fiesta Island on Saturday, December 10th starting at 3pm. It will feature a sunset meeting, hot chocolate, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Please come join us for this special event. Everyone is welcome.

Volunteer Recognition

Each month at the Community Development Meeting, we say a special thanks to volunteers who’ve stepped up for SMART San Diego. 

This month, we want to acknowledge Abby for her continued help building connection within our community. She has stepped up to substitute for a number of facilitators including tag-teaming with Willow to run Tom’s two meetings for several weeks. She has also been involved with the social event planning group and helped with social events like the annual picnic and the October game night. She continuously shows that she values the SMART community and is committed to making it better. Thank you, Abby!

Do you know a volunteer who has made your SMART experience better? Let us know so their contribution can be recognized!

SMART Collaborates with Rotary International

Dr. Tom Horvath announced at the November Community Development meeting that he has connected with the North American leader of The Rotary Action Group for Addiction Prevention (RAG AP). Rotary International is a worldwide service organization of 1.4 million members with a goal of working together to create lasting, positive change locally and globally. Tom is working toward an agreement with RAG AP to use San Diego as a pilot study. As part of this collaboration, we are looking for Rotarians in San Diego who can help further connections between the SMART and Rotary communities. If you are involved with Rotary, please contact Tom to help with this important project.

Many people have incorporated Giving Tuesday into their holiday traditions. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, they focus on giving support to others with their time, money and voices. Some re-set their intentions for the coming year and think of new ways to be generous.

Consider giving to SMART San Diego this year.

Give time: We need volunteers. There are a number of locations asking to host in-person meetings. In order to meet this need, we need more facilitators!  Anyone can become a facilitator. Our training program will pair you with a mentor to offer guidance and support while you prepare to facilitate a meeting of your own. Contact the facilitator training committee. Hosting a meeting is not for everyone. If you can give a few hours a month to help with social activities, fundraising, or community outreach, we can use your help! Contact to find out more.

Give money: Over 95% of your donations stay in San Diego. We have no paid positions. The funds we raise cover Zoom licenses and rent for meeting spaces that allow us to provide support to those that need it. Please help with a monthly PayPal donation. Email with any questions about supporting SMART Recovery San Diego.

Give Voice: Tell someone about SMART. Encourage newer meeting attendees to come to other meetings and activities. Get in touch with the treatment providers you had in early recovery and let them know how SMART has helped you. Follow us and engage with our social media. Letting others know about SMART helps us grow.

Donate with PayPal or Venmo: @SMARTRecoverySD (business account).

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Upcoming Activities

Mark Your Calendars

Here are a few of our upcoming activities. All are welcome to attend. Click the links for more details. See the website to check out all of our social events.

Thanksgiving. Thursday, November 24 from 10am-4pm. The community center in Kearny Mesa will be open. Hosts will offer movies, meetings, games, etc. throughout the day. Check the calendar for details.

Second and Fourth Saturdays at 10am, including November 26th: Puppy Palooza at Fiesta Island

Saturday December 10th at 3pm Bonfire at Fiesta Island

Saturday, December 3rd from 7:30-9pm: Game Night at the SMART community center in Kearny Mesa

Saturday, December 17th and third Saturdays, 2-4 pm: Crafternoon at the Community Center

Beach & Tidepools in La Jolla, Saturday, January 21st, 2-4 pm.

Friends sitting in park

Get Involved

Call for Volunteers!
We need volunteers who want to become more involved in the SMART Recovery San Diego community. If you can give a few hours a month to help with social activities, fundraising, or community outreach, we can use your help! Contact to find out more.

Have You Ever Thought of Facilitating a Meeting?
We are looking for volunteers to start new meetings or serve as substitutes, particularly in-person meetings. New meetings allow us to reach a broader community who might benefit from SMART. Our training program will pair you with a mentor to offer guidance and support while you prepare to facilitate a meeting of your own. Contact the facilitator training committee.

Come to the Community Development Meeting
If you’ve been thinking of becoming more involved, this is a great way to learn about what we’re working on and where help is most needed. All are welcome to attend this meeting on the second Saturday of every month from 9:30-11:30 on Zoom. The first hour focuses on administration and long term planning, the second hour is dedicated to meeting management. You are free to only attend part of the meeting. If you have questions about the agenda of the upcoming meeting, contact Megan.

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