SMART Weekend Event:  Puppy Palooza!

SMART Weekend Event: Puppy Palooza!

Have a furry family member? You don’t yet love dogs? A dog or no dog?

ALL ARE INVITED to join us and share in the experience of dogs at play at the Fiesta Island dog park. They have lots of space to run and go on a “sniffarie”! The park is fenced-in and huge. Pups can take a refreshing swim, frolic in the sand (Pet parents are welcome to frolic and swim as well!) Dog or no dog, we invite all for some self-care and well-deserved beach time for our furry companions! If you are thinking about getting a furry family addition, this is a great time to come enjoy other pups and ask questions.

Place: Fiesta Island Dog Park

Rally Point: Front gate

Time: 10 am until?

Facilitator: Jeffrey Hein, email: (This will be an ongoing event on the fourth Saturday of every month!)

Tom is treating everyone to lunch afterward