Recurring Event Discussion w/Stephanie

Discussion w/Stephanie

Zoom San Diego, CA

Zoom Link Meeting ID:  5145804538 Passcode: T4ABYE If you continue with this group, you are expected to attend most meetings, so that there is a stable group membership. Attendance verification provided only if you are actively involved in the meeting and have your video on.

Recurring Event Mindfulness Discussion w/Jayne

Mindfulness Discussion w/Jayne

Zoom San Diego, CA

Zoom Link Meeting ID: 979 9225 0504 Passcode: 141592 or call +1 669 900 6833, Meeting ID: 979 9225 0504 Recovery can be challenging. Have you wondered how to calm your mind, focus your thoughts, and be present & appreciate each moment? Please feel welcome and come join others in our community for a weekly...