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SMART Recovery San Diego offers free meetings each day, in-person and online, to address addictive problems, using a self-empowering, non-12-step approach.

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SMART Recovery San Diego offers free meetings each day (in-person and online) for addressing addictive problems, using a self-empowering (non-12-step) approach.
Mutual help groups offer the opportunity to connect honestly and openly with others who understand a great deal about what you are experiencing. SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) follows the science by encouraging self-empowerment and personal choice to identify and change unhelpful behaviors or thought patterns. Volunteer meeting facilitators work to create a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment for individuals to explore ideas and discover the power of choice in each meeting.
The focus on mutual aid means that SMART Recovery is not a “program” although a handbook is available for participants who are interested. We often discuss ideas for thinking and acting differently. Many of these ideas are drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy and other well established change methods. However, these tools are supplemental to what really makes SMART Recovery so helpful – the community of supportive individuals working toward personal growth and open to meeting others where they are.
All are welcome no matter what problematic behavior they are stopping, or where they are in that process. There is no need to sign up ahead of time. Meetings do not require active participation and, unless otherwise stated on the meeting schedule, can provide verification of attendance for legal, medical, or personal reasons. Please visit our Meeting Information page for more details about attending meetings.
The SMART Recovery community looks forward to supporting you to discover the power of choice.

“I’ve met some amazing people,

and learned tools that have changed my life.”


SMART Community Member

“ I was so glad to find SMART! Their approach really clicked for me

and helped me find the recovery I wanted.”


– 5 years sober.

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